Underart is an ode to what happens after a crash landing. To what happens thanks to a crash landing. Based on the directors’ own lived story.

About Underart

A crash. An earthshaking, overwhelming bang that could signal the end. But instead it becomes a fresh start, a way forward.

Olle Strandberg has a background in acrobatics and juggling. In December 2005 he broke his neck doing a triple somersault and was paralyzed from the neck down. Olle's latest production, Underart, is based on his own story, but is not an exact staging of any precise course of events. Underart is about the events that are set in motion by a crash, and about the forces that move you forward afterward. Underart is nothing less than an earnest ode to crash landings. And to the glorious feeling of making your way back.

The story of my crash is not entirely unique, but it remains my most important story. It has shaped me and been my tinnitus when I have tried to create anything else. To base a performance on it has been like throwing yourself into a cliché where you are completely exposed in the middle of an era when there are so many important issues to talk about. At the same time this has nothing to do with selffulfillment, it is about candidly sharing imperfections and laying bare the part of me that needed help.

Olle Strandberg

Seven artists. All with their own relation to the crash, combine balancing acts, acrobatics and intense coffee breaks to the soundtrack of specially composed live music. Each inspired by their own and one another's crash landings, the performers discover new, unexpected and joyful ways of exploring failure.

Today Olle Strandberg is fully recovered and since 2011 he has been working as a director and creative project manager at Cirkus Cirkör. The core of his creative work lies in the meeting of circus with dance and music, a place where hard physical work is alternated with dense pauses that leave room for the unpredictable.


Underart. Foto: Mats Bäcker
Underart. Foto: Mats Bäcker
Underart. Foto: Mats Bäcker
Underart. Foto: Mats Bäcker
Underart. Foto: Mats Bäcker
Underart. Foto: Mats Bäcker
Underart. Foto: Mats Bäcker
Underart. Foto: Mats Bäcker


Wonderful to behold. /.../ hailed by the audience as one of the worlds nine wonders.

Dagens Nyheter

... charm, heart and warmth /.../With humour and poetry they talk about the things we all think about – love, loneliness, joy and sorrow . /

SVT (Swedish Television)

The result is a beautiful piece of contemporary circus poetry at its best: wistful and comical at the same time. A full body-experience that reaches deep into the heart ...



Anna Ahnlund – music, vocals
Alexander Dam – street dance and acrobatics
Iris Pelz – partner acrobatics
Christopher Schlunk – partner acrobatics
Matias Salmenaho – partner acrobatics, juggling and accordion
Andreas Tengblad – music, vocals
Methinee Wongtrakoon – acrobatic dance, partner acrobatics, handstands and contortion

Directed and conceived by – Olle Strandberg
Composers – Andreas Tengblad and Anna Ahnlund / Ripple & Murmur
Set and costume design – Katarina Wiklund and Susanna Wiklund
Lighting design – Jenny André
Lighting design in Berlin – Antti Helminen