Skapelsen & Ur kaos föds allt

  • Skapelsen, directed by Magnus Lundbladh, premieres in the Royal Dramatic Theatre's tent at the Stockholm Water Festival in 1995. We are instantly welcomed into the international circus family thanks to the Australian circus group Circus Oz, the main guest act at the festival. They sent their audience to our stage and recommended Skapelsen to the great contemporary circus festival Tollwood in Munich the following year.

    Skapelsen evolved into our next piece when ten artists, six musicians, and two technicians developed the performance, and Skapelsen became Ur Kaos Föds Alt (Everything is born from chaos). We perform over 70 shows for sold-out houses all over the country.

Cast & Crew


  • Ensemble

    Circus Artist: Henrik Agger:
    Artist: Martin Bejting
    Rolf Brattström
    Artist: Torbjörn Brokvist
    Circus Artist: Johan Edding
    Musician: Magdalena Entell
    Circus Artist: Maja Forslund
    Musician: Irya Gmeyner
    Vidar Jedström
    Circus Artist: Siri Hamari
    Circus Artist: Minh Tam Kaplan
    Circus Artist: Nalle Laanela
    Circus Artist: Niklas Lindgren
    Circus Artist: Ann-Charlotte Lindqvist
    Circus Artist: Ylva Magnusson
    Artist: Sebastian Melander
    Musician: Miriam Rivera Godoy
    Stefan Schöning
    Circus Artist: Karl Stets
    Circus Artist: Jan Unestam

  • Production team

    Director: Tilde Björfors
    Director: Magnus Lundblad
    Sound Technician: Joel Jedström
    Scenography: Annika Thore
    Composer: Savanna Agger Forss
    Light Technician: Johan Adling

Ur kaos föds allt

  • Ensemble

    Al: Henrik Agger
    Dwarf & Sword: Jan Unestam
    Sirkka: Sair-Mari Hamari
    Pekko Aho: Niklas Lindgren
    Hungay Trapeze Artist: Josephine Wulff Randrup
    Slack Line: Karl Stets
    Madamme: Louise Witthöft
    Acrobat: Euqenia Nazarian
    Dynamik-Duo: Andrea Schalk & Santo Magonza
    Juggling: Minh Tam Kaplan

  • production team

    Cirkusdirector: Tilde Björfors
    Director: Magnus Lundblad
    Scenography & Costume: Annika Thore
    Light & Technology: Joachim Hermelin
    Light Technician: Johan Sundelin
    Sound Technician: Joel Jedström
    Sewing: Kristin Fors
    Production & Tour: Max Dager
    Marketing Consultant: Nils Harrius
    Jack of all Trades: Hans-Åke Pettersson
    Poster: Fredrik Sandebert & Niklas Carlsson
    Economic Consultant: Stina Holmberg