A contemporary circus performance of one of HC Andersen's most poignant and beloved stories, The Little Mermaid.

Magical and heartfelt

In Cirkus Cirkör and Kaleidoskop’s interpretation, HC Andersen's story about the Little Mermaid is transformed into a tale of magic and profound feeling. The focus is on Andersen's poetic, disturbing and infinitely beautiful story of the mermaid's longing for the prince's love and for an immortal soul – the tale of elements that can never be reconciled.


A dazzlingly beautiful mermaid.

Jyllands Posten

A veritable feat of a show. The Mermaid lives!

Ekstra Bladet

A sensual delight with soul, humor and cool acrobatics.

Urban (B.T.)

Ensemble & Crew


The Mermaid – Melinda Kinnaman/Sandra Medina
The Prince - Dag Andersson/Andreas Skjönberg
The Princess – Siri Hamari/Molly Saudek
The Sea Witch – Siri Hamari/Anna Lagerkvist

Supporting cast:
Andreas Skjönberg
Methinee Wongtrakoon
Olle Strandberg
Andreas Falk
Emanuel Tiger
Karin Kriström
Mira Björkman
Linda Hed
Anna Lagerkvist
Jenny Haglund
Sara Haglund
Niklas Broberg.

Understudies: Jakob Westin, Ola Granli

Creative team

Directed by: Katrine Wiedemann,
Circus directed: Tilde Björfors
Set design: Martin Tulinius
Dramaturgist: Nicole M. Langkilde
Choreographer: Niclas Bendixen, Molly Saudek, John-Paul Zaccarini
Atmospheric composer: Mads Ljungdahl,
Musical consultant: Stephan Bomberg
Sound technology: Mogens Laursen,
Sound design: Mikael Sylvest.
Producers: Mette Hvid Davidsen (DK), Ida Burén & Sara Ellström (SE)