A contemporary circus performance of one of HC Andersen's most poignant and beloved stories, The Little Mermaid. Premiere: 2005.

Magical and heartfelt

In Cirkus Cirkör and Kaleidoskop’s interpretation, HC Andersen's story about the Little Mermaid is transformed into a tale of magic and profound feeling. The focus is on Andersen's poetic, disturbing and infinitely beautiful story of the mermaid's longing for the prince's love and for an immortal soul – the tale of elements that can never be reconciled.


A dazzlingly beautiful mermaid.

Jyllands Posten

A veritable feat of a show. The Mermaid lives!

Ekstra Bladet

A sensual delight with soul, humor and cool acrobatics.

Urban (B.T.)

Ensemble & Crew


The Mermaid – Melinda Kinnaman/Sandra Medina
The Prince - Dag Andersson/Andreas Skjönberg
The Princess – Siri Hamari/Molly Saudek
The Sea Witch – Siri Hamari/Anna Lagerkvist

Supporting cast:
Andreas Skjönberg
Methinee Wongtrakoon
Olle Strandberg
Andreas Falk
Emanuel Tiger
Karin Kriström
Mira Björkman
Linda Hed
Anna Lagerkvist
Jenny Haglund
Sara Haglund
Niklas Broberg.

Understudies: Jakob Westin, Ola Granli

Creative team

Directed by: Katrine Wiedemann,
Circus directed: Tilde Björfors
Set design: Martin Tulinius
Dramaturgist: Nicole M. Langkilde
Choreographer: Niclas Bendixen, Molly Saudek, John-Paul Zaccarini
Atmospheric composer: Mads Ljungdahl,
Musical consultant: Stephan Bomberg
Sound technology: Mogens Laursen,
Sound design: Mikael Sylvest.
Producers: Mette Hvid Davidsen (DK), Ida Burén & Sara Ellström (SE)