With premiere in 1999, 00:00 was a contemporary circus performance that took place in the eye of the storm, during a fraction of a second.

About 00:00

A show filled with humour, energy and surprises. Fast-paced and loud, in the flash that occurs when a swirling grain of dust collides with a high voltage power line.

00.00 opened at Idunteatern in the northern Swedish city of Umeå in January 1999, after which it toured Sweden with Riksteatern theatre in the spring and fall. Its last performance took place on August 11, 2000, in Antwerp, Belgium.

Can there be life without numbers, or would we die?

Would we be different people without clocks? This and several other questions concerning time form the basis of 00:00.


...intelligence and warmth, humor and artistry, musicality and silence... Simply put, life.

Dagens Nyheter

...a colorful, breakneck adventure, a careening rollercoaster where the boundaries of what has already been done and thought are propelled with a self-evident, almost brutal force that pulls you out of winter hibernation, seductively captivates and then dumps you – both happy, enthralled and amazed…

Nya Norrland

…...beautiful, dirty, clever, absurd and not least comical. ….


Ensemble & Crew

Rasmus Madsen
Josephine Wulff Randrup
Andreas Skjönberg
Marie Andrée Robitaille
Ossi Niskala
Henrik Agger
Karl Stets
Jan Unestam
Niclas Stureberg
Samuel Gustavsson
Eugenia Nazarin
Marta Oldenburg.

Musicians: Adam Dreisler, Zaki Hyrland

Circus DirectorTilde Björfors
Originally directed by: Siri Hamari and Anders Johannisson.
Revised directing: Lars Rudolfsson.
Choreography: Minna Vainikainen
Set design & specialty props: Malin Kihlberg
Costume design & makeup: Charlotta Gustfsson
Music: Savannah Agger/Andy Hultberg