Circus activism

The art of building a better world

Cocky commitment is Cirkus Cirkör’s primary guiding principle. To question, explore, challenge, and critically examine, especially what is considered impossible – and then, with passion and dedication, going for it: daring to go through with precisely the impossible. That’s why engaging in various forms of activism, far from the stage, comes naturally to Cirkör – where performances can grow into worldwide movements, and the magic of the circus can generate real change.

  • Wire walking for life

    This summer, participants from our course Lines & Wires wire-walked across the River Corrib in Galway, Ireland. Many young people have lost their lives in the river over the years, but now the water turned into a stage for the courage and determination required to cross it on a wire. The project was organized by our friends at Galway Community Circus. Now the mini-documentary about LifeLine has been released on YouTube - and HERE you can also read the ETC article from last summer (in Swedish)

  • Contemporary circus meets yarn in a worldwide peace movement

    Since 2013, thousands have knitted peace with us. During its travels worldwide, our production, Knitting Peace, has engaged and encountered “peace-knitters” who, in turn, have shared their creations and reflections on knitting peace with us and others.

  • Female values are changing the world

    Before each performance of Epifónima, the theatre foyer was filled with conversations with authors, norm-critical dance, photo exhibitions, music, poetry and much more. The movement took place between 2018 and 2019.

  • Integration in the theatre foyer

    Fear to Action takes place alongside performances of Limits and pays tribute to all the enthusiasts who work for integration and crossing boundaries. In Östersund, a grab bag was set up, in Stockholm lectures and photo exhibitions, in Västerås an art auction. Each venue celebrates local projects.

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