Knitting Peace

Is it possible to knit peace?

Knitting Peace is the name of Cirkus Cirkör’s big show, which opened in January 2013. With this production, Cirkus Cirkör continues to change the world through contemporary circus by asking the questions – Is it possible to actually knit peace? Can a worldwide knitting for peace movement make a difference?

Why would anyone choose to spend their entire life walking on a thin line? The chance of becoming rich or famous is minimal and the risk of injury is great. What drives us? What are we aspiring for? What makes us cope with it all?

Many philosophers and theologians believe that the desire and longing to have a better life is what keeps us alive. The worst that can happen is reaching a goal and then not finding something new to strive for. Circus artists often strive to make the impossible possible. Is striving for world peace an impossible quest? Can the desire for change create change? Can a worldwide knitting for peace movement make a difference? It is easy to give up when confronted with one's own insignificance in comparison to the world's greatness and complexity. Nevertheless, each movement begins with the individual.  In this show we explore the meaning of our aspiration and we’ll find out if it’s possible to knit peace.

Recommended from 10 years of age. The performance is 2 hours incl intermission.


Aino Ihanainen: handstand, live knitting
Alexander Weibel Weibel: slack rope, equilibrist, violin
Ilona Jäntti / Nathalie Bertholio: aerial acrobatics, rope, aerial ring, floor ring
Matleena Laine: aerial acrobatics, singing/lyrics
Mikael Kristiansen: handstand, acrobatics, knots and tangles


Samuel ”LoopTok” Andersson: lyrics, knitted live musik
Olof Göthlin: knitted live musik

Creative team

Director and concept: Tilde Björfors
Composer and sound design: Samuel “LoopTok”  Andersson.
Set design: Fanny Senocq, Tilde Björfors, Stefan ”Drake”Karlström, Joel Jedström and the ensemble
Knitted set design and knitted costumes: Aino Ihanainen
Costume design: Anna Bonnevier
Mask design: Helena Andersson
Light design: Ulf Englund
Choreographic advisor & artistic coach: Cilla Roos
Props and scenics artist: Tomas Helsing
Technical coordination and constructions: Joel Jedström
Circus construction: Ulf “Poly” Nylin
Stage master and rigger: Ingrid Stensson
Lighting technician: Mika Knutsson
Sound technician: Kent Andersson
Tour manager: Emma Therkelson
Assistant director: Maria Wallin
Costume production: Anita Dahrmark
Technical producer: Stefan ”Drake” Karlström
Producer: Amy Fee

World premiere: January 24, 2013 in Marseille