Courses & training

"It's wonderful to see how Selma's interest and passion for circus grows day by day. She is proud of the circus, of what she is capable of. She has found a couple of friends. She excited and cheerful before the show. "

Parent of Selma, 7-year-old who trains circus at intermediate level

Courses for children, youth and adults

Because of the Corona virus all courses are cancelled the rest of the spring 2020. More info

At Cirkus Cirkör, young and old people train together. There is a great mix of amateurs and professionals, with and without disabilities, in our circus hall that inspires eachother. This is where dreams of becoming a circus artist starts.

Our term courses makes it possible to train from the age of 5, from beginners’ level to advanced. For those that want to become a circus artist you can continue to the upper secondary circus school. Cirkus Cirkör offer term and vacation courses, open training for professionals, drop-in for amateurs, workshops, and circus camps on tour in Sweden.

Courses offered in spring 2020

  • Circus play 5-6 years. (Cirkuslek)
  • Family circus. 5 years and older (Familjecirkus)
  • Contemporary circus. 7-9 years and 10-15 years (Nycirkus)
  • Cirkör course twice a week. 7-20 years. Previous experience required. (Cirkörkurs)
  • Acrobatics and trampoline.10-25 years. Previous experience required.(Akrobatik och trampolin)
  • Aerial acrobatics. 10-20 years. Previous experience required. (Luftakrobatik)
  • Funline.10 years and older Also for adults.(Funline)

We also have dropin training for children from 7 years and adults in our big circus hall in Alby. Read more about dropin

More info and booking (in Swedish, please contact us if you need help to book a course)

Contact info

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Accessibility at The Cirkör House

There are two parking spaces, in close proximity to the entrance, designated for people with reduced mobility. In the Cirkör House there are a few, mostly low, thresholds. All doors are at least 80 cm in width. There is an elevator to the upper level. However, not all offices are easy to reach with a wheelchair as there i a level difference in the floor. There is a wheelchair accessible washroom. The Cirkör House is partially adapted to the visually impaired.

Circus in schools

We offer shows for children and youths, try-out circus training during school and free-time, workshops and lectures for staff in schools. Cirkus Cirkör’s pedagogical department Courses & Training meets 30 000 children, youths, and grown-ups per year. Read more here!

We are located south of Stockholm in Alby, Botkyrka, and in Stockholm. For information in english please contact: or give us a call at: +46 (0)8 531 998 44. You can also read more about the upper secondary circus school at