Quality Madness

Circus Cirkör has three core values: Collective Commitment, Quality Madness and Collective Individualism

Quality is about being strategi, preventive and well thought-out. Building structures that can carry both long-term development and the creativity that occurs in the present. Learning from experience all the time.

Madness stands for saying yes to the first instinct without being constrained by the consequences. Not being affected by what is considered wrong or impossible. Not being able to, but doing it anyway.

We need a lot of both quality and madness to be able to give our best to our audience and our students. We are not to compromise on any level or end up in Between. Without quality,madness runs the risk of becoming meaningless and dangerous .Quality on its own takes the safe before the uncertain and risks becoming empty and boring . For us, it is not possible to achieve quality without room for madness. To work for stable finances and a secure organization should create the conditions that enable a leap into the unknown based on a wild idea. Cirkus Cirkör’s management has been consciously divided into an artistic, an educational, an organizational, and a financial perspective, as surety for our development.

The interaction, friction and balance between these perspectives give us a level of strength and presence in decision making and processes that is otherwise hard to achieve. It also helps us to realize and react if stability and the aspiration for order become too important and risk becoming ends in themselves.

Management should protect and uphold the space needed for the crazy leaps that have opened doors for us and have made both high end cultural institutions, and suburbs with a bad reputation our home grounds. They have made us end up in unexpected roles, for instance as development consultants to businesses and municipalities. We have sometimes wondered how it is that large companies and municipal boards have chosen us, a circus to work with leadership and their development.  

One client, who asked us to do an international leadership conference, explained this by comparing us to the jester in medieval times. The jester was called to court for two purposes: he was to amuse the monarch, but also had a more political role as an » informal, cunning adviser », the one who could speak » dangerous » truths with humor and lightness, and with his harmless way he was allowed to criticize the ruler. In other words, quality madness with a dose of cocky commitment!

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Cocky Commitment

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Cirkör event. Foto: Nicklas Fransson

Quality Madness

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Foto: Mattias Edwall

Collective Individualism

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