More than just a show – a worldwide peace project, a lifestyle, another world.Our performances live on in other forms.

Circus Days and Nights
Photo: Karolina Henke

We Miss You Days and Nights

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We Knit for Peace

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Yarn, circus and peace

Knitting Peace began as a show but grew into an international peace movement. Thousands of knitted pieces flooded in to our headquarters. An exhibition was born. At the Army Museum in Stockholm, the exhibition ran for a full year. In the city of Borås, a pandemic-proof outdoor show took place in shopwindows all over the city.

Foto: Karolina Henke

Karolina Henke’s ethereal world of circus

The photographs from Circus Days and Nights live on long after the curtain has come down. Karolina Henke invites you to a dreamy circus world decoupled from the limits of daily life. In Sweden, Karolina Henke’s work has been exhibited at Fotografiska Museum, Moderna Museet, the Stockholm House of Culture’s 750-year anniversary, ArkDes (Sweden’s’ national center for architecture and design), Dansmuseet (museum of dance), The Royal Opera, Värmland’s Museum and many more.

We have created performances and exhibitions for museums, storefronts and parks. Would you like to collaborate with us? Please get in touch.

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