In 2015 Cirkus Cirkör turned 20 years. We used this year of celebration to boost our 20 years of transcending boundaries in the arts and in society – physical boundaries between nationalities as well as the crossover of genres and art forms. All a part of one of Cirkus Cirkör’s vision – changing the world through contemporary circus.

But we had to ask ourselves how we could celebrate when Europe protected its physical borders more vigilantly than ever before and when more than 50 million people were fleeing from war, famine and oppression. 

In the West, we are preoccupied with challenging each other to step out of our comfort zones. At the same time, we protect our European borders more vigilantly than ever before. The hustle and bustle of our everyday life plays out against the background noise of reports about refugees in overflowing boats, in pursuit of freedom and security.

Contemporary circus is an art form that moves without borders between continents with different nationalities. It also works seamlessly between different genres, art forms and means of expression, without conventions. The circus is stage performance, but can also be the carrier of the most painful stories.

Borders was conceived and directed by: Tilde Björfors, founder and artistic director of Circus Cirkör together with a team of creators, circus performers, musicians and actors.

Circus artists: Alexander Weibel-Weibel, Esmeralda Nikolajeff, Jan Unestam, Jesper Nikolajeff, Mira Leonard, Peter Åberg, Saara Aahola, Steven Palacios, Tatiana-Mosia Bongonga.
Actors: Hans-Peter Edh, Jennifer Amaka-Pettersson, Mari Götesdotter, Simon Rodriques Strömberg, Sven Boräng.
Live music/vocals: Maja Eriksson, Samuel Andersson.

Concept, story and direction: Tilde Björfors
Composer, musician and sound design: Samuel “LoopTok” Andersson
Singer, musician, choir leader: Maja Långbacka
Choreographer: Olle Strandberg
Set design: Fanny Senocq
Costume design: Jonna Bergelin
Script writer: Kajsa Bohlin
Lighting design: Daniel Kullman
Video scenography/projections: Johannes Ferm Winkler / Per Rydnert / Tom Waldton
Make-up design: Åsa Trulsson
Choreographer support: Ilona Jäntti
Dramatic advisor: Anna Kölén
Researcher: Pinja Lehtonen
Producer – Malmö Stadsteater: Jerker Pyron
Producer – Cirkus Cirkör: Sara de Vylder
Technical producer – Cirkus Cirkör: Stefan Karlström
Assistant director: Maria Wallin
Stage manager: Kattis Blanking


“With an armful of joy and some fists of outrage a new genre has been born: contemporary circus activism.” 

Dagens Nyheter

”… a stage filled with peculiar and poetic firework that illuminates the vulnerability humans face when pursuing of a better life” 

Svenska Dagbladet

”It is stunningly beautiful and ghastly horrifying…”

Skånska Dagbladet

”Borders has everything that you expect of Cirkus Cirkör; energy, visual surprises and original characters.”