Discipline – Juggling

  • What is juggling?

    Juggling can be throwing balls or clubs into the air and balancing feathers or sticks with plates on the body. Many jugglers call themselves object manipulators.

    What is needed for juggling?

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  • Juggling for the circus nerd

    Juggling or object manipulation is a collective term for all disciplines where the artist throws, balances, and moves with objects such as juggling balls, juggling clubs, juggling sticks, or juggling rings.

    The discipline, which requires presence, has its mathematical notation called siteswap, where a number describes the height of the throw and to which hand the object is thrown. The ball is thrown and caught by one of the hands or another body part. Juggling is often combined with balancing – a club is balanced on the forehead while others are juggled with the hands. Balance acts can be performed with many different objects, for example, a wine glass balanced on a soup spoon that the artist holds in their mouth. It is common for the artist to combine juggling with acrobatics or dance.

    There are infinite possibilities, variations, and techniques when choosing what to juggle with. Juggling is often integrated with other disciplines, such as tightrope walking, unicycling, or group choreographies.

  • Foto: Ali Quraishi