Artistic swimming and contemporary circus mixed in a unique, colorful show. A total of 50 artists is part of AQUANAUTS, a performance in, under and above the surface. The performance is a poetic and visually magnificent experience about love and respect filled with aerial and water acrobatics and astonishing artistic swimming formations.

AQUANAUTS with Cirkus Cirkör is a full experience for all senses. We welcome you into the Aquanauts universe where silvery beings spread their message of love and fellowship.

Stockholm Cultural Festival – Over 100 000 spectators

AQUANAUTS with Cirkus Cirkör has previously performed at the Forsgrenska bath in Stockholm and during the H20 festival in Jönköping. Most recently, the show was shown in its biggest form so far during the Stockholm Cultural Festival 2018. Five performances in front of more than 100 000 people.

Air, Water, Fire and Love – Contemporary Circus and Artistic Swimmers

AQUANAUTS with Circus Circus was born out of a unique collaboration between artistic swimmers and contemporary circus artists. The performance is characterized by performances in various elements such as water, air and fire. The ensemble consists of more than 50 artists, including professional circus artists, elite artistic swimmers and a large number of amateur synchronized swimmers. Together they convey an important message: Everyone must be who they are, with love and belonging we can overcomes anything.

Aquanauts Creative Team


Jesper Nikolajeff, Cirkus Cirkör. Circus artist and director with many years of experience. Among other things, Jesper has participated in over 400 performances with Cirkus Cirkör's greatest success, Wear it like a crown.

Artistic Director Aquanauts

Pompe Hedengren is artistic director of Aquanauts and runs the design studio Stockholm Graphics, which creates images and stories for Swedish cultural institutions.


Katalin Herngren Bachry, artistic swim coach and dance choreographer. Katalin's work as an art swim coach is portrayed, among other things, in the award-winning documentary Men Who Swim.

Camilla Hammarström, contemporary circus choreographer with many years of experience as a dancer, dance pedagogue and by creating events for Cirkus Cirkör.