Innovation is in the DNA of the circus

Making the impossible possible

In Cirkus Cirkör's training hall, the development of innovations, the body, technology, inter-artistic processes and research collaborations is constant. We create performing arts innovations and translate them into performances. Vi gör scenkonstnärliga innovationer och vi omsätter dem till föreställningar.

Circus research

Our book of circus

Think like an acrobat

Cirkör's creative director Tilde Björfors is one of the world's few circus researchers. Together with researchers from various other fields, she has investigated the dimensions of the circus disciplines in relation to art and society.

Want to join us?

Our desire is to create something new, go where others have not gone, play, evolve, grow and make the impossible possible. Would you like to play, do research, co-create, develop and innovate interdisciplinary arts with us?  

For performers

At Cirkör, there is room for anyone who wants to develop an idea, explore something new or just train.

Circus Transfer

How can the circus artist's knowledge be shared with municipal administrators, corporate management or youth groups?

Foto: Magnus Neideman

From circus to new circus to contemporary circus!!

Does the history of circus begin in the ring or with the circus artists themselves? Is circus a "form" or is it the people who occupy the "form" who create the art? What is contemporary circus?

Equipped for higher heights

Sweden’s only circus upper secondary school/high school. Love exercising? Dancing? Theater? Then this is the high school for you!

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