Inside a circus heart

-I am afraid all the time, but I have practiced not to be afraid to be afraid, says the acrobat.

In the book Inside a Circus Heart, Tilde Björfors and Åsa Balkfors share experiences from Cirkör's first 15 years. From an impossible dream to a company and a vision that for 15 years has managed to operate in several industries and worlds simultaneously - culture, school, leisure, college, business, non-profit arena and entrepreneurship.

This book is about how the circus has guided and inspired Cirkus Cirkör to everything we do, not just what is seen on stage and in the gyms. About how the circus has become an inexhaustible toolbox for us in artistic and pedagogical development as well as in leadership, co-operation and entrepreneurship.

Let your life be inspired by the circus!

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Cirkör event. Foto: Nicklas Fransson

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Foto: Mattias Edwall

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The circus' 7 disciplines

The circus artist's knowledge of failure, presence, trust and collaboration can be passed on, with the circus' methods. Acrobats are masters at turning risks into opportunities and the line dancer knows that only through constant movement do you stand still. There is a lot to learn from the circus artists, both in life and in the workplace.