In Creation

  • A circus show about the rise and fall of structures

    We are currently in a period of artistic research for our next internationally touring production. It doesn't have a name yet, so we call it Project X.

    Project X is directed by Alexander Weibel Weibel. The ensemble and the rest of the creative team are yet to be announced.


Project X is a circus show that challenges and stretches structures – our human structures and what holds our societies and democracies together. Why do they look the way they do? What keeps them in balance?

In a tensegrity structure, the form is held together by tension, balance and forces that pull in different directions. The slightest change can cause the entire building to fall.

And what happens when the most fundamental collapses? Who gets trapped, and who finds freedom?

Project X serves as a reminder that nothing is inevitable and that change is possible. We can harness each other's power and build stronger together towards more inclusive and fair systems.

Actually, it's pretty simple. Regardless of size, every action can be part of a larger change.

  • Alexander Weibel Weibel

    Alexander is a Spanish-born circus artist, director and musician. He was educated at the circus school in Madrid, the National Circus School of Moscow and the School of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm. He has been granted several awards, including the Special Jury's Prize during Cirque De Demain in Paris 2011, the Innovation Prize during the IV Circus Festival of Albacete and the Audience's Prize during the Newcomers Show in Leipzig.

    Alexander has worked with Cirkus Cirkör for many years, most visibly as an equilibrist, acrobat and musician in performances such as Knitting Peace, Borders and Satyagraha.

  • Specifications

    1,5–2 hours, including a 20-minute intermission.

    5-6 artists + 4 tech/crew

    Minimum 10x7m stage + 7m height (12x8m working area)

    Minimum 2 shows

    1 full building day before the first show. We can tear it down the same day as the last show.

  • Contact

    Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want more details, book a running period or only chit-chat a bit.

    Irene Ramilli

    International Touring
    +46 76 056 58 74
    or +39 388 44 71 522

    Åsa Edgren

    International Strategic Sales Officer
    +46 73 877 80 19