Artist – Daniel Gulko

Daniel Gulko is a circus director, artist and educator. He is the artistic director of Cirkusgymnasiet (the Upper Secondary School for Circus) and part of Circus Cirkör's artistic advisory board.


Daniel has previously taught at several circus and art schools such as Codarts (NL), JAMU (CZ), Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholms University and CNAC (FR).

In addition to his educational work, Daniel has long been active as a circus director and artist. Through primarily the companies CAHIN-CAHA and Cirque Pochéros, his works have been performed across Europe, North America, and Asia. Most recently with the productions K with Cirk La Putyka and Life2 with Codarts.

Cirkör and Daniel have also collaborated in the past, together with Cirk La Putyka, in initiating the research programs LACRIMAE and CARE.

Furthermore, Daniel is a member of the board of Cirkus Syd.