Discipline – Trampoline

  • What is trampoline?

    Trampoline is a circus discipline belonging to the acrobatics category. The apparatus is a springboard adapted for acrobats and gymnasts. The acrobat bounces at different heights and performs somersaults and rotations in the air. For safety reasons, only one artist is usually on the trampoline at a time, except in partner acrobatics, when another acrobat pushes down the trampoline bed for extra bounce.

    A trampoline can be practised by bouncing against a wall, creating the illusion of the acrobat running on the wall. The acrobat can also perform somersaults towards the wall and stand at the top before falling. The height to which the artists jump varies, but some reach heights of up to 10 meters.

    What is needed for Trampoline?

    • Stable and level floor area of at least 7 x 5 meters.
    • Ceiling height of at least 8 meters.
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