Trio Wise Fools


"Panem et circenses, bread and circuses" is a saying that derives from the ancient Rome. There the people once had the democratic power in their hands but gave it up only to demand free bread and entertainment.

”Circenses” takes a deeper look into the famous ”circuses”. The project raises the question what is the function of the circus and the circus artist in the modern society. Asking from the audience "what would you like to see" and giving it an interactive role in the performance, the project studies how can the circus artist be useful for the society and the people of today.

At the same time the project raises the question, what does one have to do for one’s bread? How far should the artist go to please the audience?

Trio Wise Fools consists of three artists: Valpuri, Maria and Ronja using triple trapeze and theatre.

Residensperiod: 16-29 januari, 2017.