Leire Mesa & Rolando San Martin


It is a fairy tale inspired by the echo of the movement that left the branch when the last wild board disappeared.
You're fragile, malleable, volatile, insecure, dangerous, uniform, equal to all, as happiness itself, the wild boar said before leaving this world.
There is love, but the trapeze that spoke to the girl with circus voice, is the art of not having the feet on the ground. Fly and don´t worry with whom, he said.

The idea of a fairy tale as a genre of fiction for FUTURO ANIMAL, give us the possibility to put into play a (self) portrait of the human nature universal characteristics as well as his voices and contemporary habits.

We are inspired by the fairy tale animals as much as those animals that were part of the traditional circus or those who are still confined in their cages to serve the family or tourist entertainment. Or also we can say we are inspired by the human being reflected by the previous centuries' tales as much as a human being who is currently confined in to his cages; or to the use of themselves as the only alternative to the existence.

FUTURO ANIMAL is a creation from Leire Mesa and Rolando San Martín.
Performer:  Leire Mesa
Sound Space: Eduardo María Virtù
Direction and dramaturgy: Rolando San Martín

Residens 10-23 april, 2017