Late city leftovers

Working title: Late city leftovers
Crew: Lisa Angberg, Ethan Law, Esmeralda Nikolajeff and Mira Leonard

The creation has a strong emphasis on research in physical circus techniques. A primary goal of research important to the project will be blending circus disciplines in new ways and researching and creating new technique, such as blending Icarian games and duo trapeze, a dance duet walking on foot loops in the ceiling and creating a new language of skills pulling from acro yoga, contact dance and Icarian games.

Theatricality and physical comedy is another important focus for the project. Though still fluid, the working concept sets the show in a run down bar at the end of the night, the last four who won’t leave because they have no where else to go.
Bar fights, intimacy, flirtation, violence, absurdity and everything that is only possible at 5 am in an empty bar. This is a place where people are sincere, desperate, vulnerable, loud, ignorant and the most extreme aspect of themselves. This is “Late City Leftovers.”

Residens: 20 februari – 5 mars, 2017