Kurronen & Laiho Co.


Kurronen and Laiho Company wants to give their audience an opportunity to throw themselves into the world of endless stories and imagination. Company draws their inspiration from fairytales and stand up for tiny details, contrasts and collisions that enrich the world. Lunacy is the company’s first show, that is still a work in process.

Lunacy takes the audience to the most hidden parts of artists' dreams. Since 1991 these two nosy brats of the North have filled their souls with gloomy crud and rainbows – finally it's time for purification. Surprises will come in all shapes and sizes in this unpredictable, crazy and colorful display of life. The show includes tight wire dancing, handbalancing, Cyr-wheel and pair acrobatics. Additionally Lunacy has a repertory of other, obsessively trained circus skills and visual elements that set up the ground to this ode for Finnish melancholy.

The first, 25 minutes long version of the show was performed seven times in Finland during the summer 2016. Now the company wants to develope this minishow into a full length, whole night experience. The company is planning to have a world premiere of Lunacy in the spring 2018.

Kurronen & Laiho Company is a Finnish contemporary circus duo that combines tightwire artist Milla Kurronen and hand balancer Hanna Laiho into a dynamic group.

Residens 29 maj – 18 juni, 2017