Johan Wellton

"Leka. Gråta, skratta. Riva sönder och bygga upp. Vi är alla jonglörer i livet."

Work in progress - GLITCH. En berättelse om våra drömmar, hopp och förtvivlan.


Where are you from
I was born in a small village in Sweden called Gamleby. Since then I have lived in many places and now my base is Stockholm and Berlin.

Why/when did you start with circus
I began performing in 1992; when I was 12 years old. I was swept away by a group of street entertainers from England and Australia that came to perform at a festival in our town. I started learning a few simple tricks and began performing on the streets almost immediately. I wanted to keep the feeling of room and time cease to exist, the very feeling that made me watch the street performers every single show for a week that Summer, and the feeling that made me an artist myself.

My best, most fun and also most challenging school has been to perform and perform and perform again. And just as important: To vary the venues; type of audience etc. I have been touring in more than 30 countries in theatres, streets, cruise ships, festivals, private functions etc and I often here other performers at work saying "If you can play here you can play anywhere" which I have found not entirely true. Every new type of venue or type of audience you encounter gives you new knowledge. We can always grow. On the paper I did also go to a "real" school; Cirkusgymnasiet in Gävle Sweden for three years.

Your disciplines
My circus  disciplines are comedy, juggling and connecting with an audience. Also; if you hang me in a rope I won't let go.

Why did you apply for residency?
I am creating my next circus-theatre play which will have its premiere in 2014. It will be my second solo for theatres; my first was created in 2002 and it was called FRAKTGODS (Goods in Freight / Cargo in Swedish). It was created in my own theatre (2002-2008) and then played for 2 years on tour.

Since I do not have my own space anymore I needed to find another way to work. And perhaps more importantly; I wanted to find more natural connections and collaborations. I believe the residency form opens up more for artists to meet and share.

What is your expectations on Cirkör LAB?
It is crucial to be able to have a sealed space with a door that you can close, and then just release the hand brake and sail away. The four walls makes me dare take that jump, and work like no one's watching. A safe place.

Why is it important to have access to a residency as an artist?
It is a great way for artists to meet each other; to try their ideas on like minded (and not so like minded) and to work on new things in a calm environment. I see the Artist Residency as important for artists as a safe haven is for fishermen.


  • 13 februari 2013 – 11 maj
  • 1-31 oktober 2013
  • 2 februari - 26 april, 2014