Foot in Face

Foot in Face is first of all a research project. It is a working frame developed to have both space and time to investigate and research the artistic side of our art form. As circus artists we meet and train in bigger circus arenas/halls, which is a great way to exchange technical skills and motivation, it is however very demanding and sometimes undoable to focus on the creative and artistic work.
This is why we decided to launch the Foot in Face project. To come together in a space out of our normal training habits, to meet with time to exchange approaches and different ways to do, investigate, play, learn and appreciate our commune aerial discipline, the vertical rope. We believe that this project will bring our rope, knotting and hanging art, new and exciting influences.

Mari Dahl Stoknes
Norwegian rope artist and hair-hanger. Graduated from LIDO 2014. Situated in Toulouse. Working with the Norwegian company KompaniTO and the Belgic company Naga Collective, as well as working freelance in Europe, Israel and South-America.

Karoline Aamås
Norwegian rope artist graduated from DOCH 2014. Situated in Stockholm. Working with the Danish company Tanter and the Norwegian company Cirkus Xanti. Working freelance in skandinavia and volunteering through the norwegian Peace Corps (Fredskorpset) as aerial teacher in Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently working with the production “Elven og Havet” with the Norwegian company “Det mekaniske loppesirkuset”.