Teeter Trust

An aerial acrobat soaring through the air (a flyer) who discovers that their rotation is off, must force themselves not to correct. If the flyer attempts to adjust their position along the way, the catcher can no longer assess what measures are required to be able to catch the flyer.

Floating ten meters above the floor, realizing that your rotation is off, and not correcting this is the flyer's task. The trust required to behave this way permeates the world of circus, where continuously practicing the ability to trust yourself first is central. Our concept Teeter Trust allows you and your group to personally explore these skills and attitudes.

Increase trust in the group

Together with the Stockholm School of Economics, the City of Malmö, Hyper Island, Allianz insurance company and the Swedish Institute, we are working to develop methods and attitudes that bring increased trust to work groups as well as interpersonal relationships, including in digital environments. How can the circus artist's knowledge be shared with municipal administrators, corporate management or youth groups?

Circus that everyone can handle

Do you and your group or organization wish to unleash your capabilities and creativity by working with our coaches, educators and artists on expanding your capacity to trust? You will not have to do handstands or somersaults, apart from perhaps reflecting on the mental and physical flips you execute in everyday life. You will encounter simple physical exercises that help your body memories last longer, facilitate reflection, fresh attitudes and knowledge.