Residency Program

Residency program at Cirkör LAB

At this time we can offer you a place in our artbox that is located in our circus hall - technical rider can be downloaded in the menu to the right. In some instances, when we are not in need of it for rehearsals, we offer access to our production floor. Artists that has contracts with Cirkör has precedency to the premises as they may need to come in and train when there are gaps in their tours. Any issues regarding this will be solved as the situation arise.

If you need help with something specific during your residency you have a chance to book a meeting with the office staff in the department of interest. If you would like to work extra during your residency it possible to show your act to the Cirkör Event and Courses & Training departments. At times they have the need to hire artists or pedagogues for their activities.

In exchange for your residency we request a presentation of a work in progress or an artist talk to be held at the end of your stay. We will invite people in the circus field to the presentation. We would also like to take part of some sort of documentation describing your plan with the residency. This is information we will share on our web site and Facebook page. Let us know if you have a web site, YouTube/Vimeo videos or other digital promotional materials that you would like to share with our visitors.

Cirkör LAB are not able to offer living quarters at this point. However in the future we hope we will find a way to do so.

Cirkör LAB can, should the need arise, assist with technical assistance, creative input and office space, per agreement. All on-going processes will be documented with the aid of photography, video, interviews and presentations which are both private and open to the public.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, we will unfortunately not be able to offer any residencies in 2021.

Apply for residency by downloading the "Application for residency" - located in the right hand menu - fill it out and email, together with the below specified documents to PLEASE NOTE: You must open the PDF in Acrobat Reader to be able to fill in our info directly on your computer.

  • Technical rider
  • Photographs, one portrait and one landscape and if you have; video clips