Practical information

Application process – Contemporary Circus Program

Your home municipality has all the information about the application process and important dates. The deadline for your application is in early or mid February, depending on where in the country you live. Make sure to check the dates that apply in your municipality. For students living in Stockholm County the deadline is Feburary 15. The re-election opens in April.  

In a special attachment that you download from St. Botvids Upper Secondary School website, you describe your artistic / circus related experiences. You will be invited to a proficiency test, which, together with your grades from grade 9 is the basis for admission to the program.

For more information about the contemporary circus program please feel free to contact St. Botvids Upper Secondary School or Circus Cirkör.

Living arrangements for out of town students

If you are not a resident of Stockholm and need a place to live while studying at the contemporary circus program please contact St. Botvids Upper Secondary School for information. The school has a partnership with the municipality of Botkyrka and can offer help regarding living quarters, however they can not guarantee that housing can be arranged.

About Alby

For many people Alby is associated with the "million programme" and the rapid development that took place here between the years 1970-1975, when a large part of the apartment complexes and houses were built. However, what few people know is that Alby is located a very scenic area with a water, forest and farmland. Botkyrka Municipality invest a lot in life experiences and culture for the residents. Alby is divided into Alby Mountain and Alby Valley.

It takes 30 minutes by subway to central Stockholm. There are busses to Tumba Centrum and the commuter train station, as well as to other parts of the municipality.

Travel time by car to central Stockholm is 20 minutes. Alby is alongside the high way E4 which means a quick trip regardless if you need to travel south to Södertälje or north towards Stockholm. If traveling from Tumba you take Hågelbyleden to Alby.

Information from Botkyrka Kommuns hemsida.

Contact information

Accessibility at The Cirkör House

There are two parking spaces, in close proximity to the entrance, designated for people with reduced mobility. There are a few, mostly low, thresholds in the Cirkör house. All doors are at least 80 cm in width. There is an elevator to the upper level. However, not all offices are accessible with a wheelchair. There is a wheelchair accessible bathroom. The Cirkör House is partially adapted to the visually impaired.