Artist – Philomène Perrenoud

Philomène Perrenoud is a Swizz circus artist specialising in teeterboard and tight-wire walking.

Part of

Artist, Bloom (2019)


Philomène is a circus artist with teeterboard and tight-wire as specialities. Philomène started training circus in her hometown in Switzerland at a really young age. Her natural talent for balancing led her to a career in tight-wire walking. She went from youth circus to circus prep school and later to higher studies at Stockholm University of the Arts where she specialized in teeterboard.

As part of her company Team Red Pants Philomène has performed around Europe at galas and for six months as part of Circus Monti.

Graduating from DOCH, Philomène and Team Red Pants were awarded the Sophie Hulthén’s Circus Grant 2018. The award is given to students showing exceptional talent in combination with successful studies and artistic maturity.