Reviews for Limits

"a passionate portrayal of our shared humanity"

Örjan Abrahamsson, DN    

"Exquisite circus poetry" 

Anna Ångström, SvD

"...circus of the highest quality, with a maximum of meaningfulness and the best intentions. Beautiful, too. . . ." 

Margareta Sörenson, Expressen

"... Tilde Björfor’s performances are characterized by an increasingly power social commitment, with recurring messages of peace and justice, and it is in this production I feel her circus activism works the best. . . "

Cecilia Djurberg, Sveriges Radio Kulturnytt

”. . .an art form wide as the sky, where activism becomes painfully beautiful but also symbolizes the balance between life and death with which it struggles.”

Sophia Sinclair, VLT

"... allows the body and senses to open our intellect. Cirkus Cirkör transforms the bars that keep people apart into bridges that unite us.”

Lis Hellström Sveningson, GP

"Limits is philosophical, poetic and uncompromising art that directly interacts with our times."

Malin Palmqvist, LTZ

"Limits combines body and soul – and provides nourishment for both. The body practices imagining impossible movements and poses, the soul practices empathy."

Anders K Gustafsson, Dalarnas Tidningar

"Cirkus Cirkör blows up boundaries, creates a sense of community that reaches all the way to the back of the auditorium and offers a fabulously complete experience.”

Susanne Sigroth-Lambe, Uppsala Nya Tidning

"This is a rather unique and poignant stage experience. "

Ulf Lundén, Dalademokraten

"Suggestive and powerful"

Martin Johansson, ÖP

". . .a poetic and beautiful performance about fleeing and boundaries that places itself squarely at the center of the most difficult period of our times.” 

Sara Meidell, VK

"They defy the laws of nature and the body’s physical limits in a performance that is impressive in all its acrobatic artistry, yet becomes especially admirable in the way it takes a clear stand on the current political situation around the world."

Signe Elvin-Nowak,