Reviews for Bloom

"it’s all so beautifully intertwined, so naturally cohesive that anything in this life other than somersaults up high seems inconceivable."

Margareta Sörenson, Expressen

"Sofia Mendez floats softly and dreamily on her rope to poetic piano sounds. Philomène Perrenoud dances and playfully skips on her wire but has safe hands to catch her. Ben Collis’ various feats of strength include both his arms and mouth. And his pas de deux with Felix Greif has a quiet humor, far from macho mannerisms. The women, too, display super powerful arms."

 Anna Ångström, SVD

"Their eyes are delightfully happy and the acts often end with a surprising twist."


"With speed and vitality the bodies create a full spectra of powerful and enticing formations, often with a comical streak."


"An explosion of acrobatics and circus tricks"


"The interaction and joy in performing renders a feeling of familiarity and vital energy."

Östgöta Correspondenten