Lectures & circus trial sessions


Does your company need a boost and new inspiration? Do you want to create a momentum and enthusiasm that lasts?

Our journey from a small upstart to an established international player has required new ways of thinking. Together with neuroscientists and psychologists we have researched the underlying factors behind the different circus disciplines. It has inspired us and shaped the way we look at leadership and business development.

Our Cocky Committment, Collective Individualism and Quality Madness has attracted almost 2 million people to our performances. 400 000 persons, with and without disabilities, have trained with Cirkör, one of the worlds best artistic higher education for circus was started by Cirkör and one of Scandinavia's most internationally touring performing arts phenomenon is a contemporary circus company.

Our lectures are based on our own experiences in artistic entrepreneurship, creativity and learning.

”... it is easy to see what is possible to achieve together when you collaborate with Circus Cirkör. Fun, challenging and entertaining.”

Agneta Josefsson, Agency Manager, Minnesota Communication

Circus trial session

Together with our Cirkör pedagogues we plan a day where your employees get to exercise their body, heart and brain.

Circus Cirkör's work and approach is based on human equality. For us, diversity is an asset that helps us explore new opportunities. At Cirkör we have a can-do approach which focuses on the individuals specific skills. It is an approach where the desire to learn is important and where technique, joy and creativity go hand in hand.

Juggling reinforces your capacity to focus and to be in the here and now. Pair acrobatics deepens the ability to collaborate. In aerial acrobatics you train trust.

Tightwire will show you how important balance is in life, if you lean over too much in one direction or try to stand perfectly still you will fall over. Teh clown is always present, creates an excited mood and teach you that it is not dangerous to fail.

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