Knitted Piece

Knitted Piece – a chamber play by Circus Cirkör. Knitted Piece was the starting point for our quest to change the world through contemporary circus by knitting for peace.

Five contemporary circus artists and one musician. The artists come from different countries, have different experiences and desires, but meet in a common obsession. In their strong pursuit and fascination for threads they are united.
Niklas loves knots and ropes. Aino knits through life. Quim thinks it gets better the more tangled things gets. Alex investigates constructions, ropes and chain reactions. Matleena has become entangled in philosophical issues on her way from being an experienced trapeze artist to becoming a beginner in yarn. And Samuel is a loop fool that has been let loose among yarn and knitting sounds, looped threads and strings to create a unique knitted soundscape.
Together, they follow the line into a show full of artistry and longing, which explores how one can do to with humility, respect and is tangled through a lifelong endeavor. For what happens when you have realized all your dreams and can't find a new one? Who is holding the threads of our lives? What is the thread that binds us together? Is it possible to knit peace? Can striving in itself create change?

Knitted Piece opened at Confidencen Ulriksdal Palace Park on July 4, 2012.


Idea, direction and scenography: Tilde Björfors
Sidekick direction and movement: Olle Strandberg
Artists: Aino Ihanainen, Matleena Laine, Alexander Weibel Weibel, Quim Giron, Niklas Blomberg
Composer and sound design: Samuel ”Looptok” Andersson
Sidekick scenography: Fanny Senocq Ginsburg
Technical coordinator & special effects: Joel Jedström
Circus construction: Ulf ”Poly” Nylin
Costume: Anna Bonnevier
Mask: Helena Andersson
Lighting: Ulf Englund
Attributes and painting: Tomas Helsing
Costume assistant: Rebecka Vestergren Ahlin
Costume & scenography assistant: Gustav Fröjdh
Stage manager: Patrik Peterson
Lighting technician: Jenni Godoy
Sound technician: Bill Vileika
Internt: Ellen Giddings
Knitting: Maya Mårtensson + Teamet
Directing assistant: Maria Wallin
Production assistent: Safoura Safavi
Technical producer: Stefan ”Drake” Karlström
Producer: Daniel Szpigler


Theater management: Kjerstin Dellert, Nils-Åke Häggbom, VD Per Arthur Segerström
Producer: Fredrik Forslund
Production assistants: Mårten Forslund, Erik Simonsson