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Further education

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Circus Cirkör offers further education for people who work with the elderly, young people or children. Our method is based on Circus Cirkör's extensive experience in working with children, young people and seniors on the circus floor, at school and in nursing homes. The work is also influenced by Tilde Björfors research and the European network Caravan's work using circus in a social context. The education is carried out by our own Cirkör pedgogues / artists and other specially invited experts.

The tools we use are based on the links between the circus dimensions and disciplines. For a circus performer all dimensions - trust, balance, cooperation, everything is possible, failure, presence and devotion - are necessary when performing a circus skill. However, in each of the disciplines there is always one dimension that is more prominent than the others. For example, in pair acrobatics is cooperation, in juggling it is the presence and for a tightwire walker it is the balance. These dimensions are also central in the school, the nursing home, at work and leisure. During the course, you and the other participants will do practical work together and share your own experiences, knowledge and ideas.

Contact us for more information:, tel: 08 531 889 05.