Discipline – Fire and Pyrotechnics

  • What is Fire and Pyrotechnics?

    Fire arts and pyrotechnics are two collective terms for when, in a circus context, you set fire to something and do impressive things with the fire, usually related to juggling.

    This could be a torch the artist swallows or blows on to make fire spurt out like a dragon's mouth. It could be poi, tools with soft handles, cords, and weights on the ends, which are set on fire and spun burning around the body. Another example is fire skirts, where the bottom edge of a particular skirt is set on fire, and as the artist moves around, it creates a mesmerizing effect of the flames. Staff is a staff with fire on the ends that the artist manipulates in rotating movements around the body and throws up into the air, caught again by the artist or a partner.

    By pyrotechnics, we mean fireworks and rockets that, for example, are shot out of a hat or hand-held smoke bombs.

    If the act is to be performed outdoors, weather conditions are crucial for the execution. If the act is performed indoors, it's essential to turn off smoke and fire detectors in the venue.

    What is needed for acrobatics?

    • Safe weather conditions.
    • At least 3-5 meters to the ceiling, walls and audience.
    • Fire extinguisher (foam, powder or co2).
    • Wet towels.
    • Kerosene/ other flammable liquid.
    • Fire watch/rescue personnel.
    • Permission, in some cases.
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