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You’re invited to a world of flowers, classical music and jaw dropping circus. An international cast of five multi talented artists sets out to change the world through joy, risk assessment and facing fears.

Our aim is to impress people with (super)human skills, to make them laugh, let them feel stressed and then release their tension.

Ben Collis

Lenght: Approximately 60 min
Age: For the whole family / From 4 years and up
Premiere: 2019, Linköping

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Limits is an appeal to us to extend ourselves into the unknown and to push boundaries.

Of course think of the risks, but once I'm in the air, it is not the risk I focus on. Then it's all about the best way to get it to fly.

Einar Kling-Odencrants

Play time: 2 hours 20 min incl. intermission
Age recommendation: from 10 years and up
Premiere: March 19, 2016 Västerås

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Opera and circus meet in Philip Glass opera about the young Mahatma Gandhi's time in South Africa when he dicovered Satyagraha.

"In our time, it is easy to be called naive when you believe in a peaceful and compassionate solutions. Gandhi's life's work is proof that it is possible."

Tilde Björfors

Premiere: Folkoperan 14 sept., 2016.

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Synchronized swimming and contemporary circus are mixed in a unique, colorful show in the middle of Stockholm city.

We will walk on water, fly in the air and mix a swinging ball of fire with the world's largest synchronized swimming formations, pyrotechnics, acrobatics and high diving in one of the world's most beautiful capitals.

Jesper Nikolajeff

Premiere: Stockholms Kulturfestival 14 aug. 2018.

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