Elderly care

The project was born when a couple of our most experienced artist-educators suggested we start offering circus at nursing homes to further develop our circus pedagogy. In 2009, we embarked on this journey with Botkyrka Municipality, who shared our goal of finding new ideas for senior care. A few years later, we had an inspirational and educational program including shows, training and the new concept of seated circus.

The idea then came to us to connect the various elements - performance, training the staff and seated circus with the residents. To be able to realize this idea Circus Cirkör applied for funding from PostkodLotteriet Cultural Foundation. Our goal was to offer around 60 nursing homes Senior de Luxe concept free of charge. Circus Senior de Luxe in a new version was created.

Circus Senior de Luxe consists of three parts:

  • A circus show and a meeting between the residents and the circus artists after the show.
  • Movement training in the form of seated circus.
  • Further education for staff.

A fast paced show takes with the elderly on a colorful journey filled with catchy music and fun antics. After the show, the elderly themselves get to try circus in the form of seated circus. Both staff and the elderly participate in the excersises and meet - often for the first time - on the same conditions. Many are capable of much more than what they think they are.

One of the most important parts of the project Circus Senior de Luxe is the further education part for the staff. The education make it more likely that the circus ideas live on. Several of the locations we have visited have appointed a circus manager who plans the activities each week.

For more information contact: pedagogiskaprogram@cirkor.se, tel: 08 555 537 34