Credits Wear it like a crown

Henrik Agger – Wizard of Wonder
Louise Bjurholm – Miraculous and Supernatural
David Eriksson – Marvel of the Century
Jesper Nikolajeff – Nerves of Steel
Fouzia "Fofo" Rakez – Wild, Weird and Wonderful
Manda Rydman/Anna Lagerkvist/Shannon Savage – Mistress of Mayhem

Concept and Direction: Tilde Björfors
Music and lyrics: Rebekka Karijord
Stage design: Ensemble and creators
Costume design: Anna Bonnevier
Hair and Make up design: Helena Andersson
Lighting design: Ulf Englund
Props /décor: Tomas Helsing
Film and projections: Johan Bååth
Dramaturgy: Camilla Damkjaer
Choreography: Molly Saudek and Cilla Roos
Director’s assistant: Hanna Reinius
Circus rigging and construction: Ulf Poly Nylin and Anders Freudendahl
Constructor /Tour planner / Sound technician: Joel Jedströ
Sound design / lighting technician: Viktor Svälas
Props / Theatre technician: Patric Martinsson
Costume assistant: Rebecka Vestergren-Ahlin
Props assistant: Sara Brobert
Technical assistants from the University College of Film, Radio, Television: Petter Ekström and Joakim Ekström
Marketing and PR: Pia Jarlöv and Viktor Wiström
Photography: Mattias Edwall and Mats Bäcker
Graphic design, poster and program: Anna Lindqvist
Tour planning: Fanny Senocq-Ginsburg
Technical production: Stefan Karlström
Executive Artistic Producer: Lars Wassrin