Credits Knitting Peace

Knitting Peace is created by everyone involved on and behind the stage.

Ensemble on tour

Artist – Joana Martinho handstand, live knitting
Artist – Nathalie Bertholio / Sarah Lett, floor acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, roue cyr
Artist – Mikael Kristiansen handstand, acrobatics
Artist – Tiziana Prota / Joana Dias aerial acrobatics, singing
Artist – Alexander Weibel Weibel slack rope, equilibrist, violin  
Live music – Samuel ”Looptok” Långbacka knitted live music

Rigger / Technician– Ariellah Winther
Light technician – Fredrik Ekström
Sound technician –Therese Larsson
Tour manager / Stage manager – Vilhelm Montan Lindberg

Creative Team

Director and concept – Tilde Björfors
Composer and sound design – Samuel “Looptok” Långbacka
Set design – Fanny Senocq, Tilde Björfors, Stefan ”Drake” Karlström, Joel Jedström and the ensemble
Knitted set design and knitted costumes: Aino Ihanainen
Costume design – Anna Bonnevier
Mask design: Helena Andersson
Light design: Ulf Englund
Choreographic advisor & artistic coach: Cilla Roos
Scenographic painter and props: Tomas Helsing
Technical coordination and constructions: Joel Jedström
Circus construction: Ulf “Poly” Nylin
Assistant director: Maria Wallin
Assisting light design: Fredrik Ekström
Original cast and co-creators: Aino Ihanainen, Alexander Weibel Weibel,Ilona Jäntti, Jens Engman, Matleena Laine, Niklas Blomberg, Quim Giron

Production Team

Producer – Lina Dahlgren
Technical producer – Fredrik “Fefe” Deijfen
Technical support – Joel Jedström, Matt Horton, Kent Andersson
Tour and International relations – Anna Nerman Sylla
Head of Arts and Production department – Lena Kjellander Stockhaus
Marketing – Henrik Sundin
Graphic design – Karin Roberts
Head of marketing and communication – Hillevi Berg Niska

The renewed performance of Knitting Peace is a collaboration with Borås Stadsteater 2022.
World premiere: January 24, 2013 in Marseille

Thank you!

to all the stage technicians who have tangeld their way through the show. Producers, tour planers and tour managers who have strived to bring the show out in the world. All artists, supporters and knitting enthusiasts that have been involved  in Knitted Preace and the preproduction Knitted Peace during the years.