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The Cirkör Pedagogy

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The Cirkör Pedagogy an approach
Circus Cirkör work and approach is about everyone's equal worth. For us, diversity is a great asset. It is what keeps us open to new ideas and possibilities. At Cirkör we look at what a participant can do instead of focusing on their perceived limitations. We believe in the participants desire to learn and that technology and creativity goes hand in hand.

  • We keep an opened mind and welcome everyone.
  • The training is open for all, there is a circus disciplin for everyone.
  • You will be taught how to deal with fear and limitations.
  • The participants are individual artists in collective performances.
  • Contemporary circus is a place for physical intelligence and capacity that allows for learning in a multitude of ways.
  • We care about our participants' personalities and artistic expressions.
  • All participants must be able to identify with someone.
  • Failure is the path to success.

Affirmation and team spirit

In order for a group to work well, it is essential that everyone feels that they are a part of it and that they are seen. Everyone should feel that they can be themselves and find their place, but it does not necessarily mean that everyone has to do everything together at all times. The team spirit is a pillar of solidarity and integration, which also gives rise to physical and moral confidence. A great team spirit ultimately leads dynamic and positive training. Trust-training occurs automatically in circus training, and play is a good tool to improve the team spirit.

Creativity vs techique

Cirkus Cirkör's contemporary circus training is equal art and creativity. Technical knowledge is important, but a creative interpretation is just as essential. An added benefit of circus training is that you get to use your imagination and capacity to motivate and support yourself and others to try new things.

We want to awaken the desire to learn and this is where technique, play and creativity go hand in hand. It allows the creativity to flow and our belief is that the having the basic knowledge of a discipline will lead the artistic development forward.