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Show must go on(line)

As the Corona virus stops us from performing live on our regular stages, we are exploring a new stage: Streaming. During April and May, we will post full length recordings of some of our most beloved performances, mixed with short clips that inspire circus training at home during the quarantine.
As you all know circus is best experienced live, and we can’t wait to perform it live for you again. We want to entertain you, inspire you, make you think and feel that everything is possible. And the best way of doing that is to meet you in real life!

Circus Cirkör as well as many circus artists are struggling because of the corona crisis.

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Recorded at Folkoperan, Stockholm, in 2016
Thanks to Folkoperan Replay that makes this stream possible

Leif Aruhn-Solén, Sibylle Glosted, Paulina Pfeiffer, Karolina Blixt, Lars Brissman, Lars Arvidson, Magnus Björu, Aino Ihanainen, Oscar Karlsson, Sarah Lett och Alexander Weibel Weibel

Creative team
Music: Philip Glass Libretto: Constance De Jong Orchestral arrangements: Anders Högstedt Director: Tilde Björfors Scenography & costume: Dan Potra Video scenography/projections:  Visual Relief Knitted scenography: Aino Ihanainen Lighting design: Patrik Bogårdh Mask: Therésia Frisk Dramaturge: Magnus Lindman

More info about Satyagraha Click here.

Inside Out

Recorded in Piteå 2010.
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Circus artists:
Anna Lagerkvist, Andreas Falk, Wes Peden, Kimmo Hietanen, Mirja Jauhiainen, Sanna Kopra, Angela Wand, Fefe Deijfen

Irya's Playground:
Irya Gmeyner, Pange Öberg, Povel Ohlsson, Ludvig Rylander, Jon bergström

Creative team
Directed by: Tilde Björfors, Music & lyrics: Irya Gmeyner och Pange Öberg, Costume and set design: Sigyn Stenqvist, Abstract costume: Lina B. Frank, Script: Mia Winge, Choreography: Dag Andersson, Circus construction: Ulf Poly Nylin, Lightning design: Jenny Larsson, Cirkus choreography: Christian Vilppola, Mask: Helena Andersson

Thanks to Videoforce for filming this version.

Wear it like a crown

Recorded in Piteå 2011.
Visit Vimeo to watch Wear it like a crown in full screen mode.

Henrik Agger – Wizard of Wonder
Louise Bjurholm – Miraculous and Supernatural
David Eriksson – Marvel of the Century
Jesper Nikolajeff – Nerves of Steel
Fouzia "Fofo" Rakez – Wild, Weird and Wonderful
Anna Lagerkvist – Mistress of Mayhem

Creative team
Direction and concept: Tilde Björfors
Music and lyrics Rebekka Karijord
Costume: Anna Bonnevier
Mask: Helena Andersson
Light design: Ulf Englund

Filmed by Videoforce


Wear it like a crown - Into a circus mind

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As Wear it like a crown toured the world, an idea began to emerge. An idea of an artistic film based on the characters' emotional lives and dreams. The film wanted to show the character's development from the performance to another context outside the stage and beyond the performance's fixed frameworks, structures and limitations. The result was an artistic and emotional, sound and music driven short film.

Wear it like a crown - Into a circus mind.
A film by: Johan Bååth
Based on a concept by: Tilde Björfors.

Circus artists:
Jesper Nikolajeff
David Eriksson
Fouzia "Fofo" Rakez
Henrik Agger
Louise Bjurholm
Manda Rydman

Full list of everyone who made Into a circus mind possible can be found here

Teeterboard 180° VR

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like fly really high up in the air from a teeterboard? Here is your chance! If you have a VR headset, you are in for a thrill that will make your adrenaline flow and your heart leap. Circus artists Aaron Hakala and Oscar Karlsson invite you into their world of acrobatics high in the air.

Cirkusartister: Aaron Hakala och Oscar Karlsson

For best experience use a VR-headset. VR headsets come in all price ranges, from the famous Oculus to Google varieties of paper that you fold yourself at home. More about them here: