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  • Cirkör LAB. Photo: Frida Wallström / Studio Emma Svensson Foto: Frida Wallström / Studio Emma Svensson
  • Cirkör LAB 3D CAD drawings Drawing: Johan Andrén

Cirkör LAB

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Cirkör LAB – Laboratory for Artistic Brilliance

For many years Cirkus Cirkör has provided a place where external artists and companies can work to develop their own projects. A few years back Cirkör took this thought one step further and launched Cirkör LAB (Laboratory for Artistic Brilliance). Through Cirkör LAB we extend our support for cross boundary arts and science meetings, mono disciplinary research and pedagogical research.

Cirkör LAB is a plattform for national and international circus artists, companies and other artists acting in the circus sphere. Through Cirkör LAB Cirkus Cirkör want to create a place where cross boundary arts and science meet and have circus as the common denominator. The development of the circus arts are important and we need meetings, artistic research, rehearsal work, residencies, conventions and workshops to make it possible for the arts to continue to grow.

In residency spring/summar 2017

  • Reija Tapaninen in residence January 9 – January 15
  • Wise Fools in residence January 16 – January 29
  • Portmanteau in residence February 6 – February 18
  • Late City Leftovers in residence February 20 – March 5
  • Leire Mesa in residence April 10 – April 23
  • Fauna in residence April 24 – May 5
  • Kurronen and Laiho Co in residence May 29 – June 18

Cirkör LAB is supported by Nordic Culture Point.