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Kick off at the Cirkör House

A kick off with Cirkör is cross-boundary, different and a memory for life.

  • Cirkör Event. Photo: Christina Simpson

The Cirkör House

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An event at the Cirkör House offers endless possibilities. Bring your co-workers to the extraordinary place we call home.

”It was incredibly successful and appreciated!”

Anna Bonnevier, Head of design, Odd Molly

The Cirkör House is a welcoming meeting place where seconday school students, amateurs and professionals train circus side by side. The whole buildning breathes Cirkör watchwords: Cocky Commitment, Quality Madness and Collective Individualism.

Try thinking like a circus artists and let the different circus disciplines inspire you in your work on core values ​​and staff development.

This is probably the only place in the world where you will see your boss flying in through the air, your human resource manager become a juggler, desk neighbors becoming pair acrobats and the CFO walk the tightwire. We combine fun with employee development and enhance and clarify the your company's values​​.

”It was a creative and exciting workshop where we got to use all our senses. An inspiring morning that was a great finish to our work process.”

Lotta Gusterman, Project Manager, Cultural Dept. Stockholm City

World class circus artists take you on a thrilling journey into the heart of the circus where the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

”A memorable evening where we were treated to fantastic food and an amazing show.”

Hans Björkman, Marketing Manager, Seco Nordic

Feel free to contact us for more information or ideas to create your own unique event:

Accessibility at The Cirkör House
There are two parking spaces, in close proximity to the entrance, designated for people with reduced mobility. There are a few, mostly low, thresholds in the house. All doors are at least 80 cm in width. There is an elevator to the upper level. However, not all offices are aesy to reach with a wheelchair. There is a large bathroom in to which a wheelchair fits, however it is not standarized for a person i a wheelchair. The Cirkör House is not adapted to the visually impaired.