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  • Circus pedagogy. Photo: Einar Kling-Odencrants Photo: Einar Kling-Odencrants
  • Circus pedagogy. Photo: Alex Hinchcliffe Photo: Alex Hinchcliffe
  • Circus pedagogy. Photo: Anna Nerman Photo: Anna Nerman
  • Circus pedagogy. Photo:Christina Simpson Photo:Christina Simpson

Circus Pedagogy

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Since our start in 1995 Cirkus Cirkör has taught circus to people of all ages. Every year the department Pedagogy and Training work with around seventy freelance circus educators/artists and reach around 30 000 children, young people and adults with various physical starting points.

We meet our participants in kindergardens, elementary schools, upper seconday schools, youth recreational centres and at homes for the elderly as well as at culture schools, organisations and associations. The participants get to see customized shows and take part in circus workshops, circus in school subjects (i.e. circus math), further development and seminars.

Circus Cirkör is a politically independent, non-religious organisation with a vision to change the world through contemporary circus. Research studies, as well as the practical experience Cirkör has acquired through various projects over the years, have shown that circus positively affects well-being, the ability to focus and self-confidence. The core values of circus in a social context are everything is possible and beginning with each individual’s unique background.

At Cirkör we are continuously developing our pedagogical methods. The pracical experience we have gained in projects through the years have helped us develop our own, circus based, educational method that we have namned "Cirkör Pedagogy - An Approach". The educators that Cirkör work with are all trained in this method. Our goal is to establish circus pedagogy as an educational method in Sweden.

Accessibility at The Cirkör House
There are two parking spaces, in close proximity to the entrance, designated for people with reduced mobility. There are a few, mostly low, thresholds in the house. All doors are at least 80 cm in width. There is an elevator to the upper level. However, not all offices are aesy to reach with a wheelchair. There is a large bathroom in to which a wheelchair fits, however it is not standarized for a person i a wheelchair. The Cirkör House is not adapted to the visually impaired.