Discipline – Chinese Pole

  • What is Chinese Pole?

    Chinese pole is a discipline of acrobatics. A vertical pole stands on the ground and is secured with tension bands or cables running from the top of the pole and diagonally anchored into the floor.

    Chinese pole can be practised by one or several artists in collaboration. The artist showcases their skills by climbing, sliding, or holding positions weightlessly and gracefully. A hallmark and one of the most common tricks is the flag, where the artist holds onto the pole only with their hands and extends their body horizontally like a flag. Multiple poles can be set up so artists can jump and perform flips between them.

    Unlike pole dance, the Chinese pole is covered in rubber to prevent the artist from slipping. It does not spin but rather remains fixed. The Chinese pole is most commonly found in circus performances.

    What is needed for chinese Pole?

    • Three rigging points in the floor with a minimum breaking strength (MBS) of 15 kN.
    • Ceiling height of 6.5 meters (less may be acceptable with certain artists/acts).
    • Floor area of 6 x 6 meters.
    • A floor capable of withstanding a load of 500 kg per square meter.
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