After graduation

St Botvids Upper Secondary School has laid the foundation for further theoretical training. Cirkus Cirkör international educators has given you the tools to be able to go on to higher circus education around the world.

What you achieve in these three years, theoretically and artistically, lays the foundation for you to go on to universities or other higher education. Our students has – since the start in 2003 – been accepted into most of the FEDEC:S schools.

Over the years we have seen the graduate students from the contemporary circus program find work in all parts of the circus world. Some former students work here in Sweden for Cirkus Cirkör and some work with newly started, local companies (some of which the students themselves have started). Other work with the latest Cirque du Soleil show in Los Angeles or with newer and exciting companies such as 7 Fingers. For a circus performer the world is its workplace.

Still others study dance, theatre, art, design, IT, medicine or teaching. Regardless of what you end up doing the students find that the circus training and the artistic process has had a positive impact on their future careers.