Aerial Hoop

  • What is Aerial Hoop?

    Aerial hoop is a discipline belonging to the category of aerial acrobatics. A prop in the form of a hoop is rigged up in the ceiling, and the artist performs their circus art within it.

    In their technique, aerial hoops are similar to static trapezes, but they have some differences. The hoop can be rigged in two ways, with one or two points. If hung from two points, it creates the possibility of turning the hoop upside down in the air. Some artists also use a tab attached to the top of the hoop. This tab is used to hang and create opportunities for different figures. Unlike the trapeze, the hoop is often used with impressive flexibility. It's an excellent tool for contorting the body into extreme positions, sometimes just through strength and dynamics.

    Most hoops are equipped with a swivel hook, allowing them to spin.

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